Hi, I’m Sherry

After experiencing a full on breakdown due to prolonged stress and unprocessed trauma, I was forced to put my life on hold so I could focus on healing my nervous system and rewiring my brain. Initially it was devastating; I thought that I would never recover my executive functions! It was bad enough to feel like I could no longer be the kind of professional I spent my life defining myself to be, but on top of that, feeling like a failed parent was utterly soul destroying. Recovering from that breakdown and finding myself again was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I often wish I knew then what I know now. But I know now that we all have our journey to take; that’s how we grow and evolve.

I want to help people BEFORE they hit that wall.

Now a complex trauma recovery coach for parents, I am passionate about helping parents around the world find peace with the past, hope for the future, and flow in the present. There is nothing wrong with you, you have legitimate reasons for feeling the overwhelm, and you are perfectly capable of building the future that you wish to live. Sometimes we just need a little help and a different perspective.

Find peace with the past, hope for the future, and flow in the present.

Sherry Yuan Hunter

My super practical approach takes into account your goals, values, circumstances, and resources (time, finances, and energy). Sessions with me are about meeting you where you are, whatever stage you’re at, to get you to a place where you can face your challenges without the crippling self-bashing toxic shame.

Build a team around you to support you to success.

I would be honoured to be on your team. Together, we take into account the trauma and stresses you’ve endured, build on your wins (you have a lot more than you realize, I promise), and help you find your footing back on your journey of healing and growth.

You can do this.

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