Hi, I’m Sherry

A complex trauma recovery coach, I am passionate about working with multicultural parents and young professionals around the world, offering customized one-on-one coaching. My super practical approach takes into account your goals, values, circumstances, and resources (time, finances, and energy).

Together we identify and remove your barriers to success. We design an approach to help you evolve from where you are to where you want to be in your life. It takes awareness, education, practice, reflection, and adjustment. It’s a one step at a time approach that doesn’t shock your system or activate your resistance. Work with me to find your peace with the past, hope for the future, and flow in the present.

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From Appointment Feedback Forms:

“The only gripe I have is that time always seem to fly by so quickly!”

“I honestly can’t think of any complaints. You are an amazing coach!!”

“I felt heard, seen and understood.”

“I loved your insights today!! I felt you really understood and gave excellent feedback. I felt safe to cry in front of you. Time flew by so quickly. I also love your sense of humor. Thank you for today!!!”

“I felt understood and appreciated that Sherry was able to articulate what I was thinking or experiencing.”

“It was helpful to have someone to guide me to narrow in on my priorities. It helped me feel less overwhelmed.”

“I felt at ease and was able to be honest with my feelings. Able to see things from a different perspective.”

“It was helpful to have someone to guide me to narrow in on my priorities. It helped me feel less overwhelmed. I really enjoyed our time together and it flew by!! You are very organized & easy to talk to. You have a very compassionate heart.”

Earlier this year I found myself in the midst of burnout. I was overwhelmed, I felt like I was failing at all the jobs, and I was tormented by lingering guilt and shame.

After working with Sherry, I am now able to navigate my emotions and my “next steps” in the aftermath of conflicts, make sense of my anxiety when it arises, lend myself true compassion when I make mistakes, actually celebrate my wins and (my personal favourite) enjoy moments of presence as I play with my son and my daughter.

Hi, I’m Joline and I’m a Shouldaholic. This means I’m very hard on myself, I question myself a lot and I struggle from crumbling under my own stress and fears. I’m diving deeeeeeeeeep into them and I’m doing the work with the support of people like Sherry, who coaches me through certain issues in safe, trauma-informed and self-paced way.

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