“We seek and seek and blame and seek and blame and seek. And then one day something we never thought was attainable presents itself…”

~ Maria

Sherry… offering a space where you are deeply heard, witnessed, ‘held’ and most importantly given tremendous confidence and courage to just observe, without judgement — reaching deep inside towards a warming beam of light that lies within all of us… a compassion for self and others (who you may have previously felt so hurt by). Our world needs this higher point where we can simply watch instead of seek and point fingers. As you observe, you find choice, possibility, curiosity and overwhelming gratitude for all the little things that surround us and make us unique. This journey began with you Sherry. Thank you for giving me/us this ever evolving watch tower.

“I can’t stress enough the gratitude I feel in being part of this Emotional Triggers programme.”

~ Sophia

“The authentic sharing by all the participants, the acceptance of each individual experience without judgement, the way Sherry guided our journey towards healing, the connection and commitment to showing up for ourselves and doing the work, all contributed into making this a safe space for all. I’ll hold these past months dearly in heart. My nervous system thanks you! My kids, my relationships will be forever grateful.”

“Catch it!”

~ Marjorie

“Once in a true blue moon, the opportunity comes when all the stars are in alignment to initiate a deep change within, and to grow to become a better mum, a better person – the freedom to come closer to our authentic selves. This is it – a warm insightful coach, clear structured reflections, a safe space to grow in community.”

“I was drowning in anger, pain, and guilt at the same time; I thought no way my situation can ever change. I did not see a way out. And there came Sherry, with her warm voice and compassionate listening.”

~ Nesreen

“She helped me realize how valuable I am and how much I am able to accomplish. My relationship with my children bloomed and most importantly, my relationship with myself. It did require dedication and practice. I’m in a better place because of Sherry. What a wonderful professional with amazing insight and wisdom!”

“Sherry is truly a gift to the world. Every session I’ve had with her has enriched me. Most importantly, the safety and trust I feel with her have allowed me to go deeper and further into healing and sense-making than I ever have before. I cannot recommend her enough to anyone who wishes to work through the challenges in themselves.”

~ Sen

“The four months that I spent working with Sherry have taken me through such a deeply transformative process that I wouldn’t believe it if I weren’t living in a self that feels more real, more sensitive in a way that I celebrate, rather than struggle against, and more relaxed across the contexts of my life. Sherry has the ability to just understand what is happening in me as I describe it to her, in a way that I have never had with other therapists. Though we have only ever worked online, I feel like she’s not only in the room with me, but right there beside me in my head, helping me sort through the tangle of narratives and make sense of seemingly unconnected experiences. She has what is really best described as a superpower of compassion.

We roam in our sessions, gathering and weaving together the triggering moments of my present with the fragmented pieces of my past. After 12 sessions, I feel I know the Why’s of my triggers so much better than I could ever have figured out just on my own.”

“Sherry is the most skilled practitioner I’ve worked with. I nicknamed her the ‘Trauma Whisperer’ and I recommend her to everyone!”


“I have made so much progress with Sherry in such a short period of time. I feel completely different about my traumatic experiences. I also notice that I have a lot of fresh energy in life and a greater ability to be my authentic self instead of feeling like I need to be fake to protect my true self.”

“Sherry is very warm, inviting, and is laser focused on me and my goals for each session.”

~ Victoria

“Sherry also has a wealth of psychoeducation and resources that assist beyond the session that will continue to provide guidance along your healing and recovery journey. Sessions with Sherry immediately put me at ease knowing that there would be unconditional positive regard and a singular focus just on me. Healing and recovery can be scary and messy, but when I walked that path with Sherry it was easier and she reminded me constantly to celebrate my wins.”

“Dear Sherry, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to you. I literally wish I lived in Canada and could look for you whenever I need (just kidding).”

~ Veronica

“This turned out to be the BEST THING that happened to me for a long time. I have been applying the tools that you have taught us and I have also read the books recommended by the group. I cannot say I have changed 100%, but I am changing and your course benefited both me and my husband. He has been practicing now alongside with me, we are so happy now that we are using all the tools everyday.

You have opened up my eyes to something I never thought existed. I now think about how I was brought up and my unresolved trauma with my parents. I am determined to try out all these tools with my strong willed babies, and also to reconcile with my siblings and my mum. If I didn’t hear your webinar and join the 4-week group coaching program, I’d still be blaming the hot weather of Singapore for screaming and yelling at my boys everyday! Thank you once again for helping me and my husband, we will be forever grateful.”

Though I had completed courses and coaching previously, I discovered that Sherry’s program adopted a truly personalised approach and she created a container where I felt safety and a deep sense of trust from the first session.

~ Michelle

“Working with Sherry enabled me to expand my capacity, bit by bit. Each week she met me exactly where I was at and helped me untangle my thoughts, recognise the patterns that have been playing out repeatedly, interrupt them and rebuild my life from the foundation up. Sherry has helped me rebraid a new narrative and weave together knowledge that lived in my head with real application and experience.  This has truly been life changing. I am now able to navigate my emotions and my “next steps” in the aftermath of conflicts, make sense of my anxiety when it arises, lend myself true compassion when I make mistakes, actually celebrate my wins and (my personal favourite) enjoy moments of presence as I play with my son and my daughter.”

“Sherry is engaging, uses humour and somatic experiences to cut through any challenges I am facing. I look forward to talking with her every session.”

~ Bianca

“She’s given me hope and a sure footedness I have rarely received from previous therapists. Sherry has a gift of Seeing You and of knowing how to get you to believe that ‘you got this’. Infinitely grateful for her wisdom.”

“Working with Sherry has been incredibly healing and transformative.”

~ Melissa

“Working with Sherry as her client has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I have experienced closure around the deep hurts that were lingering from my childhood. Sherry skillfully guided and supported me to understand my authentic ‘self’ and how to integrate to find healing. Don’t wait for a second longer to reach out for help. The benefits of working with Sherry exceedingly outweigh the costs of staying comfortable, and even stuck, in your discomfort. Sherry is a gift to our world!”

“When I first started working with Sherry, I knew that past trauma played a role in my life but only had a vague understanding of how it impacted day-to-day moments, and how to recover from trauma. I felt lost.”

~ AW

“Sherry has been truly invaluable as a coach. Through her, I’ve come to a much greater understanding of how trauma manifests itself and how to recognize its impact in the moment. Sherry uses intentions as her north star in her coaching, but is uniquely skilled at finding the right areas to spend more time during the coaching session. The discussion is completely organic yet always manages to cover new, unanticipated territory that yield tremendous insights and enable me to process things I have not been able to properly process before. 

Being a trauma survivor can be a lonely experience as few understand what you’ve been through. Sherry’s blend of perceptiveness, empathy and knowledge of trauma recovery enables me to feel “seen” in ways that I’ve very seldom experienced from others. That’s at the foundation for the trust which makes the coaching relationship so fruitful. I leave each coaching session having learned more about myself, with new tools under my belt to incorporate, and the sense that more doors have been opened for me. Sherry is a most gifted coach that I would recommend to anyone who is ready to embark on the journey to heal from trauma.”

“Sherry helped me believe in myself as an individual and as a parent. Through these 12 weeks of sessions on Trauma Recovery Coaching, Sherry changed dramatically the way I see and value myself as a parent of teenagers.”

~ Daniella

“I can certainly say that there’s a nonstop continuous evolution occurring since I started this empowering journey with Sherry. I am becoming a new person every day. After feeling overwhelmed and guilty, I can now trust in my intuition and let it guide me thanks to the great strategies and amazing tips that Sherry taught me over these 12 weeks. Sherry helped me to understand how the traumas from my past can influence my present. She helped to heal and learn to manage my energy and mental state to become a happier person and a better parent and wife. I realized that life is a dynamic experience in which we learn something new every day and that we are allowed to make mistakes as part of this process of parenting, which makes us grow and become better human beings.”

“I love how in a short span of time, participants feel heard, safe and supported in the Emotional Triggers Program!.”

~ Norhuda

“The material is broken down to manageable bite sizes and support given by volunteers have been immensely helpful! Sherry is super responsive to our sharings, insights and able to give her perspectives on questions that we might have too. I will continue going through the materials shared on Facebook as well as my own readings and will continue to Do the Work!”

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