Michelle Lee Diasinos

Earlier this year I found myself in the midst of burnout. I was overwhelmed, I felt like I was failing at all the jobs, and I was tormented by lingering guilt and shame.

When Sherry introduced me to Trauma Recovery Coaching I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect but was open to the possibility of it helping relieve some of this pressure. I was not prepared for the shifts that occurred. Though I had completed courses and coaching previously, I discovered that Sherry’s program adopted a truly personalised approach and she created a container where I felt safety and a deep sense of trust from the first session.

Working with her enabled me to expand my capacity, bit by bit. Each week Sherry met me exactly where I was at and helped me untangle my thoughts, recognise the patterns that have been playing out repeatedly, interrupt them and rebuild my life from the foundation up. Sherry has helped me rebraid a new narrative and weave together knowledge that lived in my head with real application and experience.  This has truly been life changing. I am now able to navigate my emotions and my “next steps” in the aftermath of conflicts, make sense of my anxiety when it arises, lend myself true compassion when I make mistakes, actually celebrate my wins and (my personal favourite) enjoy moments of presence as I play with my son and my daughter.

Joline Lim

Hi, I’m Joline and I’m a Shouldaholic. This means I’m very hard on myself, I question myself a lot and I struggle from crumbling under my own stress and fears.

At the same time those stress and fears stemmed from circumstances beyond my control. Nonetheless, I’m reclaiming myself – and working on recovery. Engaging community has been a big part of my that journey already – and now I’ve created a lot of awareness, and set myself up for being able to work on my issues. I’m diving deeeeeeeeep into them and I’m doing it with the support of people like Sherry (@recoveryingshouldaholic / @sandwichparenting) who is coaching me through certain issues in a safe, trauma-informed and self-paced way.

If this resonates with you, check out her accounts and contact her for an informational chat. #notsponsoredpost #idontdosponsoredposts


(married, working mother of 2)

When I first started working with Sherry, I knew that past trauma played a role in my life but only had a vague understanding of how it impacted day-to-day moments, and how to recover from trauma. I felt lost.

Sherry has been truly invaluable as a coach. Through her, I’ve come to a much greater understanding of how trauma manifests itself and how to recognize its impact in the moment. Sherry uses intentions as her north star in her coaching, but is uniquely skilled at finding the right areas to spend more time during the coaching session. The discussion is completely organic yet always manages to cover new, unanticipated territory that yield tremendous insights and enable me to process things I have not been able to properly process before. 

Being a trauma survivor can be a lonely experience as few understand what you’ve been through. Sherry’s blend of perceptiveness, empathy and knowledge of trauma recovery enables me to feel “seen” in ways that I’ve very seldom experienced from others. That’s at the foundation for the trust which makes the coaching relationship so fruitful. I leave each coaching session having learned more about myself, with new tools under my belt to incorporate, and the sense that more doors have been opened for me.

She is a most gifted coach that I would recommend to anyone who is ready to embark on the journey to heal from trauma. 

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