Admin Basics 101 for New Coaches

You have been developing the expertise to coach and love your work with your clients.

Now you have to set up a structure and develop workflows to run your business smoothly!

Unlike being in an established organization, there is no IT team, no HR department, no administrative support to ensure that you have everything you need in your office in order to smoothly run your business.  In addition, you are potentially running a business that may be international in nature, with the technology we now have available and the interconnectedness of the Internet!

Instead, you are the CEO, Marketing Manager, Administrator, IT Department, AND janitor. Word is, based on a recent survey, entrepreneurs spend 68% of their time managing day-to-day tasks leaving the remainder 32% on income generating activities.

The good news is that you get to decide what you spend time on, what you delegate, and what needs to get done first. The bad news is that as a new coach, some of this other stuff can be a bit overwhelming.

This course helps you understand some of the basic operational aspects that you will need to set up. Let’s help you make some decisions about how to set up your day-to-day tasks. In the beginning, you may not want to invest a lot of money. That can come later once you have a chance to get into the groove!

By the end of the course, you will be able to decide what you would like to do yourself, what you would like to outsource, and you will have an idea of what questions to answer to help you decide. 

Learning Outcome

This course is divided into sections and is self-paced . It is an essential how to checklist of what you need to consider and/or do to set up your global business. Let’s help you get over that first hump!

Topics Covered

These topics are essential to a new coach who is feeling overwhelmed about where to start. It provides you a one step at a time approach to thinking about the many moving parts. Many people have had to piece together services from various providers, while others prefer to pay a higher monthly fee for all-inclusive programs that handle more of their workflow. We break it down so it is easier to understand.

Basic Online Presence

By making decisions about these topics, you will have ‘set up shop’ and can at least hang your shingles to say that you are open for business! Meaning that from a client perspective, you have a way for them to find and interact with you.

Basic Business Operations

Think of this section as topics that help you streamline the repetitive administration that is needed for operating your business. (Not included here are business registration and taxes, which you will need to research for your local and/or country regulations.)

Basic Coaching Operations

These are tasks related to the function of coaching, such as templates and forms, virtual meetings, and note-taking. Start with a template and evolve it based on your growing expertise and experience with clients.

Virtual Presence

While many coaches may prefer a locally based in-person business, you may perfect for someone somewhere else in the world using video conferencing. Your virtual presence becomes the way your market yourself and your expertise.

You’ve Got This!

The goal here is to help you be able to handle each piece yourself. You can go at your own pace. If you would like to sit down with someone to walk through a specific process, you can book a Empowering-the-Coach session to get yourself organized and on to your next step.

Let’s get started!

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