Your Ops-Media Set Up Team

You Need Help with Setting Up Your Operations and Social Media!

You are certified, you have trained, you have clients… you now need to put your operations and administration in place. But you are not an IT professional. Maybe you have no interest or skills using new programs or maybe you have some experience. However, you are running into barriers that make running your business frustrating. You just want someone to help you get over some of these humps, because you are keen to help your clients!

Where to start?

We meet you where you are. We start with figuring out a few things:

  • We figure out how comfortable you are with technology and if it’s a matter of outsourcing or learning to DYI.
  • We figure out if you’re a free-to-cheap type (great for new coaches who are coaching part time) or if you are ready to invest in paying for services that are designed just for small businesses.
  • We figure out what you have already set up (e.g. Domain Name, Email, Website, Payment System, Scheduling System, Note taking System, Client Tracking, Accounting System, Client Intake Process, Meeting Set Up, Meme/Document Creation Program, Blogging), prioritize, and get you focused on the most efficient way to get that up and running, based on your needs based on the stage you are at.

If you at all are feeling stuck, just book a meeting with Sherry to figure out your next step and what barriers need removing (fee of $120/hour).

Getting into the Nitty Gritty!

Once you have had the chance to map out where you are and where you want to go, you may be able to run with it yourself. If so, yay! If not, don’t panic. We can also provide you with some specific support targeting specific functions of your business.

Specifically, when you are getting into the :

  • Choosing the social media that you are most comfortable with and getting you set up with accounts and even automating the schedule of your posts.
  • You can learn how to record, edit, and publish your podcasts or videos. Or if you prefer, Bill can edit and produce them for you.

If you are excited about any of the above, but are a tad stuck figuring out how to start, book a meeting with Bill (fee of $35/hour)!

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