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Ready to Work Together?

  • Add Sherry Yuan Hunter <> to Contacts List.
  • Read, agree, sign, and return the Client Agreement.
  • Sign up for Mighty Networks | Sandwich Parenting Group.
  • Book appointments via Calendy.
  • Pay through PayPal for Pay-as-You-Can and Pay-It-Forward appointments.
  • Check your Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) score or International Trauma Exposure Measure (ITEM) score.

First Appointment

  • Client Intake
  • Client Safety Risk Assessment
  • Crisis Management Plan, Client Safety Plan (if necessary)
  • Activities of Daily Living Worksheet (if appropriate)
  • Recovery Goals (if appropriate)

Developing Your Toolbox

We may spend a few sessions just really exploring the issues at play for you. But once we both have an idea of what your challenges are and the barriers to your success, we can then articulate a recovery/parenting/ambitious goal and start building your toolbox.

Last Appointment

At this stage, clients may decide to shift from weekly meetings to every two weeks or even monthly, always with the option to book a meeting in between if necessary. Some have felt well enough to take a break from coaching appointments as they maintain their healing journey.

This is about YOU and your needs. Know that I’m here to support your growth and success, at your pace. Some have felt it important to book another set of 12-sessions so as not to lose momentum. That’s fine too. Everyone progresses at their own pace.

We are co-creating a unique approach for your life and your success. There is NO playbook, just the opportunity to create yours.

  • Review progress and celebrate.
  • Set up ongoing support and helpful resources.
  • Identify and design next phase of healing.

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