Program: Coaching Practice Support

This trauma-informed program is designed to support coaches to success as they Do Their Own Work and specialize in their niche. Showing that you are a supported coach indicates to your client that you practice lifelong learning, you are open to service improvement, you hold yourself accountable, and that you are committed to their success.

Who Are We?

Coaches, teachers, healers, health practitioners, and community leaders who:

  • practice respectful, peaceful, conscious, empowered parenting 
  • use a trauma-informed approach to support our clients
  • continuously Do the Work to reprogram our own default parenting playbook
  • are a part of a global community of like-minded peers on a mutually supportive journey

What Do We Do?

Together, we develop our practice through psychoeducation, self awareness and unpacking, reconnection of mind, body, and spirit, intra- and interpersonal safety, and shifting from trauma self to authentic self.

Together we change the world, one trigger at a time. We develop our capacity to hold space for our clients to unpack and shift into their authentic selves. We help people go from overwhelm to survive to thrive.

VISION: Our vision is to provide fellow coaches the support they need to grow into the empowered coaches they are meant to be.

MOTTO: We start where we start. Each journey is unique and each person has different needs. We choose compassion, courage, and curiosity when working with our clients. No judgment. No shame. There is no ONE RIGHT ANSWER.

VALUES: We choose to have fun while we do this work. We make our work accessible for our clients, given their circumstances and resources. We choose compassion when we can. We focus on evolution, in other words organic and sustainable change.

How Do We Do It?


Coaching Expertise

  • Trauma-informed and client-centered interactions
  • Professional, ethical and psychologically safe approach
  • Judgment-free mindset
  • Referral to other professionals

Business Acumen

  • Specific niche and target audience
  • Branding based on values
  • Business operations fundamentals
  • Global network of like minded peers

Personal Development

  • Self-reflection without shame
  • Ongoing education and professional development
  • Commitment to self-care and resourcing
  • Empowered problem-solving and decision-making

What is the Structure of the Program?

Depending on the goals, values, circumstances and resources, participants can choose from a being a Supported Coach or an Endorsed Coach.

– Online Support Group
– Monthly Group Supervision Sessions
– Global Network of Peer Coaches

– Self-Paced Unpacking Triggers Course Materials

FEE: $120/month
– Online Support Group
– Monthly Group Supervision Sessions
– Global Network of Peer Coaches

– Cohorted Unpacking Triggers Course
– One one-on-one Supervision Session Per Month
– Practice facilitation of parenting group programs
– Assessment of Competencies

FEE: $250/month
All coaches are running their own separate businesses.
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