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What People are Saying

Sherry is a gifted coach. A great listener, she guides me to see things from a different perspective. I thought that I was getting coached about one thing, but she helps me see how everything is inter-related and how my childhood trauma is impacting all my relationships.

I love working with Sherry and look forward to our sessions each week.

Trauma Recovery Client

Sherry’s workshop “Parenting with Perfection and Anxiety” for our school was hands down the best parenting session I have attended throughout this year of lockdown and online schooling. She was engaging and truly understands our pain.

I highly recommended inviting her back, which our parent council did! I can’t wait to see her again next month!

Parenting Workshop Participant

To me, a great life is about having choices and options. And I have had the privilege to run many of my options by Sherry to make the best choices for a happy life. Sherry is considerate, optimistic, objective, honest, fair, competent and intelligent.

She can quickly and decisively identify the heart of an issue and will cut through the clutter to suss out a constructive and favourable solution for all involved. Sherry not only sees the long term impact of a big decision, but can break it down and highlight the essential details so I can also fully understand how my daily life changes with each choice I make.

She has a gift and she is my go-to.

Life Coaching Client

I’ve turned to Sherry quite a few times when I’ve had difficult problems. Every time, she has really helped me work out an approach that I, being the person that I am, am truly comfortable with.

There are lots of ambiguities and nuances in life and Sherry helped me push my thinking and realize on my own what I wanted and what I was willing to do. She has a wonderfully empathetic yet honest style that is very constructive. She does not sugarcoat things, nor does she spoonfeed the solution; rather she works with you to help YOU understand what you want out of it. To me, that means a lot: ultimately you can’t control the outcome to a lot of things, but what’s in your control is to come up with an approach that YOU feel reflects your true personality and desires. What I’ve come to understand through Sherry’s help, I still use on a daily basis to negotiate the little decisions and choices that characterize daily life, and it’s been very encouraging to know that I have a solid “foundation” and baseline approach to handling more situations to come.

Trauma Recovery Client

As I was preparing ahead for a much needed but complex meeting with [complicated relationship], I booked an appointment with Sherry.

Today was a breakthrough day. My mind, heart and body are finally in alignment. I was finally able to make the paradigm shift! I love what Sherry is doing and how she does it.

Trauma Recovery Client
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