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$660/6 sessions

$1200/12 sessions

Customized client-led one-on-one coaching with Sherry


  • Unpack triggers and develop an understanding of where they come from.
  • Reduce the extra layer of stress and anxiety from perfectionism and self-criticism.
  • Increase ability to have compassion for self and others.

How this works:

  • Book available time(s) at your convenience. Cancel or reschedule if needed.
  • Work through triggers by unpacking them, which involves: Understanding them cognitively, feeling the feelings, and being aware of them somatically.
  • Through this process, more options can be created that better meet your goals without compromising your values. Options are weighed through the lens of circumstances and resources (time, energy, headspace, and money).
  • Together, find peace with the past by processing the wounds that inadvertently planted unhelpful beliefs or coping mechanisms that helped you survive and even succeed, but are now in the way.
  • Together, we find hope for the future by naming our fears, insecurities, anger, and resentment for what might happen. We work figure out how to take our next steps through our dysregulation.
  • Together, we find flow in the present by developing our unique ways to manage dysregulation, ours and others’.


Sherry has been a major catalyst and is instrumental in my healing journey.

She has guided me throughout the phase of confusion and distress, pertaining to a major crisis while unpacking triggers that were linked to a deep set childhood wounds. To me, she is a living angel who has an overflow of compassion AND a strong passion in helping others develop into their highest selves. She is like a pair of magical goggles that aids us to see the immense power and potential that we have within, when we could not do so initially on our own.

I am extremely grateful.

Thank you, Sherry!

— ND

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