Program: Book Club “Getting Real”

Online Group Coaching via Book Club Modality

24 Weeks/12 Sessions

2-hour sessions

Online (Zoom)


Participants who have completed past programs and would like to continue Doing the Work can continue unpacking through a Book Club modality: weekly meetings of 2 hours with group coaching and peer support. The book is “Getting Real: 10 Truth Skills You Need to Live an Authentic Life” by Dr. Susan Campbell.


– Learn the 10 Truths to Having Authentic Relationships.
– Practice the 10 truths as an antidote to emotional triggers.
– Experience authentic reactions leading to better outcomes.


– How to Stop Being Right and Start Being Real.
– Experiencing What Is.
– Being Transparent.
– Noticing Your Intent.
– Welcoming Feedback.
– Asserting What Your Want and Don’t Want.
– Taking Back Projections.
– Revising an Earlier Statement.
– Holding Differences.
– Sharing Mixed Emotions.
– Embracing the Silence of Not Knowing.
– Serenity, Presence and Compassion.

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