Program: Unpacking Triggers Group

12 Weeks

2-hour sessions

Online (Zoom)


The Unpacking Program is a 12-week group coaching support program for participants who wish to practice the art of unpacking triggers in a co-created safe environment. The live group coaching calls include coaching with Sherry as well as breakout group support sessions with fellow participants. We are healing together from societal expectations and neurotic perfectionism, by drawing on the power of community and safe relationships.


  • Create and experience a safe community to share, unpack and heal.
  • Practice slowing down trigger moments, pausing, and choosing not to spiral.
  • Experience compassion for self and others in an authentic (unforced) way.


  • Participants have lifetime access to the Unpacking Triggers course and updated materials.
  • The group experiences the materials together as a cohort, practicing creating a safe environment to feel tough feelings over twelve 2-hour online live sessions (total of 24 hours).
  • In addition to group coaching, participants will be in breakout sessions with peers to explore and practice the concept and tools.
  • Participants also have the opportunity to book three one-on-one coaching sessions with Sherry to delve more deeply in issues (included, a value of $360).

If you are not ready for a group program, feel free to consider the self-paced version or book one-on-one sessions. If you are ready and interested, please join the waitlist for the next offering of this popular cohorted program.


I can’t stress enough the gratitude I feel in being part of this Unpacking Triggers program.

The authentic sharing by all the participants, the acceptance of each individual experience without judgement, the way Sherry guided our journey towards healing, the connection and commitment to showing up for ourselves and doing the work, all contributed into making this a safe space for all. I’ll hold these past months dearly in heart. My nervous system thanks you! My kids, my relationships will be forever grateful.

— S

Sherry and the cohort provide a safe place for me to unpack the triggers in my life.

I was able to feel some real changes: being more compassionate to myself, and calmer when a trigger arises. Thank you for the experience and I’m more confident in the work I am doing and believe that I will continue my healing journey and enjoy it.

— CY

Once in a true blue moon, the opportunity comes when all the stars are in alignment to initiate a deep change within, and to grow to become a better mum, a better person – the freedom to come closer to our authentic selves.

This is it – a warm insightful coach, clear structured reflections, a safe space to grow in community – Catch it!

— M

This program helped me to be aware of my triggers and tools to handle/manage my triggers.

It is a safe environment whereby we share, with no judgment, our experiences. Sherry helped us to unpack the experience and together, we reflect and learn from one another. I felt supported throughout the program and also saw improvements in how I manage my triggers and in the way I interact with my children.

— YL

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