Ongoing Mindset Support Program

You Have Come a Long Way!

We have completed the focused intentional coaching to get you to a point where you are ready to take on your challenges with the tools and techniques you’ve developed!

You can always book a one-off appointment or start up regular appointments again if you feel the need, because this is about YOU and your needs. Know that I’m here to support your growth and success, at your pace.

Over the past few months, we co-created a unique approach for your life and your success. Now, you are looking to have some support and a place to process your thoughts, challenges, and wins. The Ongoing Monthly Mindset Support program may be just what you need.

A monthly subscription will provide you:

  • Weekly drop-in group coaching session, (If no one else is there, it would be like a one-on-one coaching session.)
  • Regular communications about relevant topics and tools to support your goals.
  • Course materials to support development and practice of new skills.
  • Private text messaging for quick check ins.

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