“In-person” programs are currently all offered virtually through Zoom. Participants join from the comfort of their homes. Self-paced programs are online and materials will be continuously updated, so participants can always return and review the tools. Any and all alumni can join the private Parents P.E.A.C.E. Facebook group co-hosted with Chapter Zero.

The programs are designed for:

  • Parents who are overwhelmed or burned out by the day-to-day of parenting.
  • Parents who do not have the time or energy to do a lot of homework or process a lot of content but wish to shift the way they manage triggers.
  • Parents who discovered the parenting playbook they unconsciously inherited and use as a default it is not working.
  • Parents who need a network of likeminded parents to process triggers and edit their playbook without judgment or shame.
  • Parents who wish to build a set of practical tools for their unique circumstances without being given a script or told what is right or wrong.


If, like me, you’ve suffered complex trauma, and if the toxic positivity mantras (‘look on the bright side’, ‘happiness is a choice’ etc.) no longer work, it might be time to take Sherry Yuan Hunter’s “Unpacking Triggers” course.

Sherry has compiled a clear and methodical guide to understanding triggers, and managing their often-debilitating impacts on our lives with numerous practical and actionable tools and techniques.

I don’t have kids but still found this to be a very helpful resource because it helped me recognize the inter-generational trauma that has weighed me down my whole life. I now feel that I can finally begin the healing process. Even with the self-study option, I was very impressed with not only Sherry’s expertise in this space but also her innate warmth and compassion, which come through clearly in the videos. I also really liked that the content was supplemented with just enough theory and science to educate but not overwhelm.

I have now signed up for one-on-one sessions with Sherry and am hopeful, after a very, very long time, that I’ll be able to go from surviving to thriving.

Highly recommended!

— Self-Paced Course participant, now full-time one-on-one client

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