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Our programs are currently all offered virtually through Zoom. Participants join from the comfort of their homes.

The programs are designed for:

  • Parents who are overwhelmed or burned out by the day-to-day of parenting.
  • Parents who do not have the time or energy to do a lot of homework or process a lot of content but wish to shift the way they manage triggers.
  • Parents who discovered the parenting playbook they unconsciously inherited and use as a default it is not working.
  • Parents who need a network of likeminded parents to process triggers and edit their playbook without judgment or shame.
  • Parents who wish to build a set of practical tools for their unique circumstances without being given a script or told what is right or wrong.

Parenting and Triggers (One-Hour)

A brief introduction connecting the challenges of parenting to the triggers we experience, this much requested one-hour presentation helps parents start the process of understanding emotional triggers. For some people, taking this workshop helps to valid their challenges and that they are right to Do the Work in order to shift away from the overwhelm they are experiencing as parents. For others, this helps them start their journey.

The goals are: Know that you are not alone. Feel that there is hope. Know that Doing the Work for yourself will help with all your relationships, including the ones with your children.

Building Your Emotional Triggers Tool Box (5-Week Series)

The Build Your Took Kit Program is a 5-week series of workshops introducing participants to some key concepts about triggers. By developing an understanding, we remove a layer of shame in Doing This Work and can start the healing journey with a framework for how to build our own unique tool kit.

Goals: Know how to start making the changes that work for you. Experience some wins. Build momentum by integrating what you learn into day to day events and activities.

Topics: Introduction to Brain Science, Shouldaholicism, Pre-Trigger Considerations, During and After Triggers

Recovering Shouldaholic: Unpacking Triggers (12-Week Series)

The Unpacking Program is a 12-week group coaching support program with a maximum of 12 participants who wish to build upon the Emotional Triggers Introduction Program. The live group coaching calls include coaching with Sherry as well as breakout group support sessions with fellow participants. Healing together from societal expectations and neurotic perfectionism, by drawing on the power of community and safe relationships.

Goals: Create and experience a safe community to share, unpack, and heal. Practice slowing down trigger moments, pausing, and choosing not to spiral. Experience compassion for self and others in an authentic (unforced) way.

Topics: Emotional Safety, Authentic Self, Mindful Presence, Sitting with It (Curious over Furious), Window of Tolerance and Boundaries, Shouldaholicism, Investing Resources, etc.


  • Workbook
  • 12 two-hour group coaching sessions (valued at C$600)
  • 1 one-on-on coaching session (valued at C$150)

Authentic Self: Peace with the Past, Hope for the Future and Flow in the Present (12-Week Series)

Participants who have completed the Build Your Took Kit and Unpacking Programs who wish to continue the practice of unleashing themselves from unprocessed wounds can continue to work with Sherry and their own cohort from Unpacking to deepen their relationships with themselves and each other.

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