Thank You!

Thank you for registering in the Equipping the Heroes Program!

I know how important your work is and know how dedicated you are to supporting your clients to success. My role is to support you as you as you support your clients, to help you make decisions based on where you are and the resources you have.

Together, we develop our practice through psychoeducation, self awareness and unpacking, reconnection of mind, body, and spirit, intra- and interpersonal safety, and shifting from trauma self to authentic self.

Together we change the world, one trigger at a time. We develop our capacity to hold space for our clients to unpack and shift into their authentic selves. We help people go from overwhelm to survive to thrive.

VISION: Our vision is to provide fellow coaches the support they need to grow into the empowered coaches they are meant to be.

MOTTO: We start where we start. Each journey is unique and each person has different needs. We choose compassion, courage, and curiosity when working with our clients. No judgment. No shame. There is no ONE RIGHT ANSWER.

VALUES: We choose to have fun while we do this work. We make our work accessible for our clients, given their circumstances and resources. We choose compassion when we can. We focus on evolution, in other words organic and sustainable change.

I am so excited to work with you!



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