Thank You for Booking!

You are now booked for the Workshop: Intro to Podcasting and Video Making Using Free Tools on Saturday, October 23 at 1:00 pm!


These are the things that need to happen prior to your recording (and our workshop).

Write material for a 2-8 minute long video

Please write out a short document with what you would like your audience to receive from you. So think of it as you are talking to people. If your writing style is different from your speaking style, just be aware of that. You may need to read through it a couple of times and edit it to better fit your speaking style. I highly recommend that you read through it a few times and practice sounding like you are talking rather than reading. 

Try to look at the camera as well. You don’t have to memorize what you write, just get the text as close to your camera as possible.

Make a background meme for your video (optional)

I use Canva because you get a free version with so many great photos and elements. So I’m going to ask you to go to to create yourself an account. Then create a new design using the top right button. Select Presentation as that should be the right size for the Zoom screen.

Some people like to have a photo of a nice office space behind them and others like to have their logo.

Please remember, this isn’t a requirement. This is just a nice to have. It hides what’s behind you and allows you to control how you want to be seen on screen.

Get (free) accounts set up

Zoom (Zoom)

YouTube (YouTube)

Anchor (

See you on Saturday, October 23 at 1 pm!

Please do not worry if this feels overwhelming. That’s how something new is supposed to feel! If you already knew how to do all this, you wouldn’t need to do this workshop. Take in as much as you feel comfortable taking in. Be compassionate to yourself if this isn’t coming easy. I’m not sure that it does for anyone. But the goal is to get closer to understanding how this can be done. It’s good information for you to decide whether this is something you want to do, given your headspace, your time, and your goals.



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