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We learn from each other by integrating ideas that resonate with our own intentions.

Learning from the experts, studies, and success stories can be inspiring as well as educational. However, other people’s trials and errors, conclusions, or priorities might not actually jive with your intentions, instincts, or reality!

This podcast isn’t about bringing leading experts to share the implications on parenting of the newest research. It’s not even about bringing you the people who are Olympian successes so that they can share with you their secrets.

This podcast is more about hearing from others who experience the same struggles you do as a parent and how they found approaches that worked for them.

It’s about the adulting kids making sense of how they were parented. It’s about how you can make your parenting approach unique to your personal circumstances.

When you hear how others have done it, or how their mistakes didn’t turn out so bad, or how a shift in perspective takes a failure and turns it into a learning experience, you know you can do it too.

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Sandwich Kid Tou Ger Lee Sandwich Parenting

Raw and real, Tou Ger Lee shares the story about his Hmong parents' journey from the dangerous jungles of Laos to their new sponsored life in Wisconsin. A transformational coach who works with high achievers, Tou Ger knows what it is like to be successful and not actually feel anything. Drawing on his experience rejecting and then embracing his culture and heritage, Tou Ger embodies how to live your full authentic life doing what you are meant to do. A true Sandwich Kid, I love his wise advice to Sandwich Parents and and Kids. #sandwichparenting #sandwichkid #tougerlee — Send in a voice message:
  1. Sandwich Kid Tou Ger Lee
  2. Sandwich Kid Raj Tawney
  3. Third Culture Kid Tim Brantingham
  4. Czech-Iraqi-Canadian Author Elen Ghulam
  5. Jen Lumanlan: Your Parenting Mojo

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