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A big part of healing from complex trauma and maintaining good mental health is to engage with a community that makes you feel seen, heard, understood, and safe.

As parents, we must normalize our children’s entirely developmentally appropriate (oft annoying) behaviours and the overwhelming nature of parenting (the pain is real!), while we develop tools and routines that set us up better for the next challenge. To heal while frequently feeling shame and guilt makes our journey ten times harder!

Sandwich Parenting is proudly a part of global community Healing from Complex Ptsd using Mighty Networks as a Platform. It is your support community accessible by computer or the phone app. We are a group of peers supporting peers through the ups and downs of parenting while healing our complex trauma. The benefits of being part of a larger umbrella include free resources supporting various aspects of the challenges from complex trauma. Once you are a part of Sandwich Parenting’s Group, you will also have access to the library and courses offered by Healing from Complex Ptsd. Sometimes we just need to validate our feelings with others who understand.

Together We Start Where We Start.

During the healing journey, we may need to reach out quietly and privately for timely and targeted support.

The Portal is also where we can communicate directly in between sessions, privately and separate from our other modes of communications (email, text, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Signal, etc.). This allows our coaching communication to focus on healing without having it get caught up with everything else in our lives.

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