Sherry Yuan Hunter

Do you need parent coaching?

You know you want to parent differently than how you were parented, but you don’t know how to get started.

You have read books about respectful parenting and agree with the philosophy, but cannot respond as you ‘should’ so you feel like you are failing as a parent.

Your kids are older and you feel like you missed the boat because they just aren’t interacting with you.

You feel that many of the parenting advice is targeting parents with young children and you wish that you parented differently.

You want to listen to all the podcasts and read all the books, but you just don’t have time and feel like you won’t be able to do all the ‘right’ things.

People keep suggesting this podcast, that book, this course, or that masterclass. And you just do not know which one is the right for you or if you even have the headspace to get through anything requiring an attention span of 15 minutes or more.

You can now identify moments where your behaviour as a parent could make the situation worse… or better! But you are not sure why you can’t be consistently patient, child-focused, or rational.

You are not the parent you once aspired to be.

I Can Help You!

I am a trauma-informed parent coach.

Taiwan-born American-Canadian Chinese, married, working mother of two, I identify as a Third Culture Kid, an untigering Mom, and recovering shouldaholic. Based in Toronto, Canada, I have been working in student success programs at University of Toronto for 20 years, supporting students, young professionals, new managers, working moms, and new immigrants to success.

Work with Me

Be the parent your children deserve. Create your unique parenting approach by unpacking your unconsciously inherited parenting playbook, aligning your values, priorities, and resources, while connecting globally with like-minded parents.

You may only need one session to get yourself started. You might want to join a 12-week course with other parents. You may want a long term coaching relationship. It’s never too late to start!

Let’s co-create an approach that works for you and your family. Connect with me!

Start Your Healing Journey

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step.

Start the healing process. Not doing this work has impact on every single relationship in your life, most importantly, the one you have with your children.

Rome wasn’t built in one day.

Any and every step counts towards this journey. It is not a ‘one and done’ thing, there is much to do, many things to think about, and much to practice. But you will love what you build. What you do will impact the lives of your children, their children… and their children’s children. It’s worth it.

We start where we start.

Each family is unique with different resources. It’s never too late to work on having a better relationship with your children.

Connect and Collaborate

There is nothing more powerful than people who collaboratively, consistently, and courageously do the work. I cannot wait to connect and co-create with you!

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